BT: Future Must Include Legacy

In another indication that RADCOM's (NASDAQ: RDCM) hybrid strategy for monitoring physical and virtual networks is spot on, British Telecom announced that any future network architecture must continue to leverage the legacy piece given all the network capacity still available in the physical world.

BT's network architect Neil McRae:

In my mind it is impossible to ignore the fact that I have, in the UK, 6000 nodes delivering Ethernet to customers, and another 2000 points delivering broadband service and I have to build upon this capability if I want to overlay more applications such as TV or mobile services," McRae said. "I need to control all of those assets -- because those assets will be there at least 10 years, hopefully more. If I can't leverage them in this new world, then effectively we will have this thing that is very fast stuck in this thing that is very slow. And I think our industry is missing that fact.

Given that philosophy, it appears as if RADCOM's MaveriQ solution fits that strategy perfectly.

CEO Yaron Ravkaie at the Needham Next-Gen Storage Conference earlier this month:

MaveriQ knows how to work in a hybrid mode. So from a virtual implementation, you can also monitor a physical network. We came with that type of approach to the carriers. And there are several formidable carriers that said:
"We are not going to wait for my transformation to NFV. We don't want to stick any more refrigerators that are the old probes into the network, we're paying too much money for that. This is legacy anyway, but we need more probes. Our capacity is done. Data is exploding, we need to grow my network, we need to know what is happening. So why don't we start to use Radcom's solution at this stage, running it on software, running it in a virtual mode, and starting to monitor the physical network."

I continue to believe MaveriQ is positioned perfectly for this transition to NFV architectures. MaveriQ costs significantly less than physical probes, and provides more pervasive service assurance while "future proofing" CSPs investment as they migrate to NFV.

Disclosure: I own RDCM shares.

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