Cable Operators Poised To Transition to NFV

Another bit of good news hit the wire at Light Reading regarding yet another addressable market for RADCOM (NASDAQ: RDCM) and its virtual probe solution, MaveriQ.

Namely, it appears cable operators such as Comcast, Charter Communications et. al. are seeing benefits from virtualizing their networks, at least in terms of Proof-of-Concepts (PoCs) according to AMDOCS.

According to the video at Light Reading:

One of the other things we brought into the research was looking at the use of virtual probes as a way of understanding of how the network was performing, and whether you could use virtual probes to improve the customer experience. Now one of the things we found out was if you have a physical probe, you can't use it probe a virtual network. It doesn't work that way round. So at some point, operators have to move to virtual probes. And we wanted to see if there was a compelling case to move to those or if it was just something you had to do and take the hit. And I'm pleased to announce that there was a 35% cost reduction moving from physical to virtual probes, and the additional benefit you can be much more flexible around the service level you offer. So you can use the virtual probes to really ensure you deliver a top quality customer experience, and hopefully reduce churn in the cable industry.
So a better probe and at less cost. Exactly.

I couldn't have stated the value proposition for RADCOM's MaveriQ virtual probe solution any better, or more succinctly.

RADCOM reports 3Q earnings on November 1 before the market open, and will present to investors at the Needham Next Gen Storage conference the next day in New York City.

I'm expecting some additional commentary around acceleration of the NFV industry and RADCOM's pipeline heading into year-end.

The way I see it: RADCOM has multiple shots on goal with expanding end markets - Tier-1 CSPs, cable operators and potentially webscale internet companies - and a number of applications for its virtual probe technology, including NFV service assurance, cybersecurity, load balancing and location-based services.

Disclosure: I own RDCM shares.

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