The Times [& Clouds] They Are a'Changin'

Bob Dylan sang "The times they are a'Changin'" in 1964.

In 2016, its the clouds that appear to be changing -- at least in terms of the networking industry and cybersecurity applications.

An Investor's Business Daily column on the matter:

Cloud computing is reshaping the market for network security technologies.

The security market continues to diverge with the overall market appearing to slow, while certain players such as Gigamon (NASDAQ: GIMO) and Proofpoint (NASDAQ: PFPT) continue to accelerate their growth.

This appears partly due to an emerging niche within security known as cloud access security brokers (CASB).

According to IBD:

Many of the acquisitions targeted the cloud access security broker (CASB) market. CASB products act as a middleman between a corporate network and cloud applications hosted externally. CASB services extend company security policies and access control to cloud apps, provide visibility into what software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps are being used in a network, and maintain tight restrictions on data transfer.
"CASB is about securing the data that goes into the cloud and is becoming a critical control of new apps that organizations are using," said Jonathan Ho, an analyst at William Blair.

I continue to believe there is a very important need for virtual probes for the CASB market. This, of course, is the core competency for RADCOM's (NASDAQ: RDCM) MaveriQ solution.

Disclosure: I own RDCM shares.

Mike Arnold

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